Business Crime and Stock Loss Investigations


We have aligned ourselves with qualified specialists combining to meet the most demanding briefs with professional and tailor-made solutions. One of our trademarks is to always address the issue of cost and time effectiveness constructively.

The procedure and services offered by Ifalethu consist of a wide range of professional, multi-disciplinary consulting and interfacing corporate risk advisory services, each of which may be implemented to meet expectations and requirements - to this extent that the organisation’s economic activity may be substantially altered.


We specialise in:

  • White Collar Crime investigations
  • Theft & Fraud & Stock Loss Investigations
  • Surveillance (Static and mobile)
  • Forensic accounting and paper trail analysis
  • Statements and recordings
  • Comprehensive analysis.

Ifalethu makes use of intelligence analysis software in order to track and scrutinize information and trends while performing criminal investigations. This program allows us to identify relationships and links between persons, companies and debatable activities.


Well-controlled and disciplined undercover investigators have always proved to be remarkably successful when going in behind the scenes to gather valuable information. Under the cover of normal employment, we can get close to the dilemma and keep management informed of issues that could affect the business.

No more seven to ten day delays before you get the information. Daily reports from our undercover investigators is delivered to our clients within 24 hours to allow for quick action. Our undercover agents are working together with an external hotline which allow the client to take pro-active active if the information allows for it.

Through daily reports from undercover investigators, information relating to theft, fraud, unrest problems, or any other acts of dishonesty could be exposed, analysed and acted upon before the company sustains any losses.

Undercover investigators infiltrated into your business will discreetly investigate and collect information and report on the following crucial issues within the organisation:

  • Theft and other stock losses
  • Organised crime syndicates
  • Workers problems
  • Potential loss areas
  • Loopholes in the systems and procedures.

Ifalethu’s clandestine strategies ensure that unbiased and truly representative information is delivered directly to management for remedial actions.

New applicants to our undercover workforce are recruited only through reference and are thoroughly screened to ensure that they are trustworthy and have the skills, intellect, understanding and mind set to perform the work before they are trained as undercover investigators.


A specialist will spend time on the organisation’s premises compiling a comprehensive survey and/or security and safety audit that will focus on problems and vulnerable areas.

Each survey report comprises of the following:

  • Detailed survey report/audit
  • Recommendations
  • Proposals for rectification

The following areas of operation will be covered:

  • Security of personnel
  • Security systems in general
  • Fire and safety
  • Dispatch, receiving and general operations
  • Emergency procedures
  • Industrial relations
  • Potential workplace violence
  • Executive protection
  • Access control and general site/installation security
  • Overall risk assessment
  • Project planning
  • Budget recommendations.


It is a fact that eavesdropping on the opposition is considered customary and the losses to the intended victim can be very high, sometimes even resulting in the closure of beneficial companies. Using the latest technology available in South Africa, we can assist organisation’s to investigate industrial espionage and ensure that the environment is free and safeguarded from technical surveillance.

Ifalethu provides:

  • Technical advice
  • Technical hardware
  • De-bugging – TSCM
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems (Overt and Covert Systems).


Executive protection usually meets the most obstruction from the executives themselves. Convincing top executives to accept certain precautions that are intermingled with their personal activities is a painstaking task. In many cases, executives worry about their image, the expense and the burden that such procedures put on themselves and their families. They however have to face the reality of their and their families’ protection in the corporate and domestic environment.