Ifalethu Pre-Employment Screening



In a world where dishonesty and corruption is at the order of the day, employers cannot afford to make the wrong employment decisions. It is therefore more important than ever for employers to ensure that they employ honest people with integrity. Ifalethu offer the employer a central information centre that can assist in making the right choices when employing new personnel, by supplying critical information that will help to predict the risk potential of prospective employees.

Making sure you employ the right person from the start is far more cost effective than trying to get a problem employee out of the system.


Effective pre-employment screening is the most powerful preventative tool against dishonesty in the workplace. Putting new prospective employees through a pre-employment lie detection test is very apprehensive way to evaluate their honesty and integrity and is damaging to the relations between employer and employee. The most effective way of evaluating a prospective employee is by studying their employment history and previous behaviour.

Previous Employment History

It is a well-known fact that an applicant, will omit any negative information from his/her application form if they think it would reduce their chances of finding employment. On the other hand, we also know that employees would often supply false information on an application form if they think it will improve their chances for employment.

The information from studying a person’s employment history could be used to verify the information supplied on the application from which in turn will help employers to evaluate the honesty and integrity of an applicant and is a good way of predicting future behaviour.

Scrutinising the previous employment history of an applicant would give the following information:

  • The nature of business of previous employers.
  • Positions occupied at each previous employer.
  • Period of employment with each previous employer.
  • Nature of the work performed by the employee at each employer.
  • Reason for leaving.

The most important question to previous employer always is the question; “Would re-employ? If not, what is the reason?

Criminal Record Verification

Research shows that 20%, 1 out of every 5, people in South Africa have a criminal record. This fact just stresses the importance for employers to verify that an applicant doesn’t have a criminal before employing the person.

To do a criminal record search on a new applicant we would require the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Identity Number
  • Authorization and indemnity form signed by the applicant giving permission for the search.

Our search report will contain the particulars of the applicant as well as a report confirming whether or not he/she has a criminal record.

Consumer Credit Verification

Information on how a person manages his/her finances is a very important tool to establish the risk potential of an applicant. The information in a consumer credit verification report will indicate how well a person managed his/her own finances in the past. Indications that the applicant could be over-committed (seriously in debt) increases the risk potential of an applicant. Applicants who are caught in a debt spiral could be looking for ways to supplement his/her income and could be tempted to become dishonest in the workplace.

Even though it is hard to do, applicants who are in serious financial trouble should not be considered for employment. Many honest employees who were caught in the debt trap became dishonest because they felt there was no other way out.

Statistics by Statistics SA (Aug 2015) showed that almost 50% of people already employed are caught in a debt spiral and some of these employees could also be forced to become dishonest in the workplace in a desperate attempt to improve their financial situation.

Ifalethu have a training course to assist those employees to manage their finances and get out of debt. Please contact our office if your company is interested in this course for your employees.

Driver’s License Verification

If an applicant is applying for employment as a driver or will be using company vehicles in the execution of their duties, we could assist to verify the validity of their driver’s license.

Educational Qualification Verification

Ifalethu also have the capability to verify qualifications submitted by an applicant on his/her applications form. False qualifications are at the order of the day and with technology making it so much easier to falsify a qualification it is of the utmost importance for employers to verify the qualifications of each new applicant prior to his/her employment.


Each applicant completes and sign an authorisation and indemnity document as a pre-requisite for us to continue with any of the verifications services that we offer. This document will include the employee / applicant’s personal details that we require. These indemnity forms must be e-mailed or faxed to our offices.


The feedback report for each applicant will be faxed, e-mailed or in certain instances, depending on the volumes, hand delivered to the employer.


The employer (Client) will be charged for each request for information (including a ‘No Record” result) as specified or as per agreed with the client. Accounts will be payable in 30 days.